Girl Orders A Birthday Pizza With A Strange Request

Everybody loves pizza. It is the greatest food imaginable whose versatility means it can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is even pizza available for people with allergies and dietary restrictions that tastes just as amazing. A lot of people who are training or on diets use their one day a week to eat a delicious slice of pizza. Under no circumstance is pizza ever a bad idea. Pizza is used for any type of gathering be it a celebration or formal. The simple geometry of a pizza makes it perfect for sharing and that is exactly what the girl in this story did on her birthday.



Jess Clarke was celebrating her 19th birthday at home and had spent most of the evening watching movies and dancing. She didn’t have any friends over this evening as it was a school night so she spent the evening alone. After a long session practicing her dance moves she decided to order some pizza. To add a little spice to the night she came up with a brilliant idea by putting in a strange request. She knew one of the delivery drivers was from her class and requested that he bring her some pizza for her “big party”. Callum, who picked up the order, drove a couple of pizzas out to her apartment expecting to deliver to a big group of girls in the middle of a party, but instead got a heart-warming surprise. Jess invited him in for pizza and to celebrate her birthday with her. Callum, a self proclaimed shy guy, was thrilled and spent the rest of the evening eating pizza and talking with Jess.

Jess organised the whole event over the phone and even cleared it with his boss! What a wonderful and thoughtful way to spend a birthday.



Since the encounter the two have been inseparable and have even decided to give dating a chance. Pizza really does bring people together! There have always been a few strange and crazy request for pizza delivery people, such as cutting the pizza into a star or to draw a self portrait on the box lid, but this heart-warming story definitely takes the top spot.



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