Men’s Guide to Formal Shoes

Shoes are a piece of clothing that we simply cannot live without and every man needs at least one formal pair in their wardrobe. But whether you wear them on a daily basis, or a couple of times a year to the occasional wedding or formal event, it can be tricky to know which style to go for.

Men’s formal shoes tend to be more of an investment than other shoes and with that, comes their lasting power. Although prices can vary from style to style and brand to brand, it’s worth finding the best quality pair to suit your budget.

Not all formal shoes will go with every formal outfit so it’s important to think about style and colour when putting it all together. And of course, you can’t neglect your own personal style.

Here’s our guide to the best men’s formal shoes:

The desert boot

The desert boot is usually the go-to when faced with a smart-casual dresscode. Although considered as being on the more casual end of the scale, desert boots can be worn for certain formal occasions if styled correctly. Usually worn with jeans, opt for a dark denim and a shirt and blazer on top in order to keep it formal. These boots are a popular choice due to their affordability but remember to take care of the suede to ensure they’re always looking their best.

The loafer

Recognisable by its slip on-style, the loafer is one of the most popular men’s formal shoes out there. There are a number of variations, with the most common being the Penny and the Tassel loafer. Added to this, they come in suede or leather, making them the perfect shoe for both formal and smart-casual occasions. Invest in a pair of these and you won’t turn back as they’re sure to be some of the most comfortable shoes you own!

The Chelsea boot

Originating from the Victorian times, the Chelsea boot is a truly versatile shoe. Again, made from suede or leather, the elasticated side panels make them easy to slip on and offer a refined look. The boots are usually ankle high with a rounded toe and low heel making them extremely adaptable for different styles. Added to this, they can be dressed up or down meaning you’re sure to get a lot of wear out of them.

The brogue

Brogues are the safest option when it comes to men’s formal shoes as they offer a truly polished look. Best paired with a tailored suit, brogues can also be worn with smart denim and are the perfect option when looking for a business shoe. The brogue comes in a variety of styles such as the Oxford and the Derby with the main differences between the two being the lace structure and the perforated detailing that comes with the Oxford brogue.

Like most shoes, formal shoes can take a bit of breaking in until they are comfortable. So, if you’re wearing them to a big event for the first time, take some time to wear them in to avoid hours of discomfort! And finally, no matter what style of formal shoe you choose, it’s important to take proper care of them so they, and you, are always looking smart.

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