Travel In Style – Style Tips Every Man Needs Whilst Travelling


Travel is one of life’s most rewarding past times. Getting to explore new environments, cultures, food and discovering hidden gems across the globe is something that puts a smile on all of our faces. Whether we are catching the 11:55am to Newcastle or jet setting to the other side of the world the benefits are much the same.

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Of course, once we reach our final destination we will be strutting our stuff in our favourite garms, however, the journey is just as important.

Travelling for long distances can become quite uncomfortable and being cramped in a small space doesn’t lend itself well for some clothing. It also is not a great look if you arrive flustered, hot and looking like you just forward rolled out of your mums washing basket.

We take a look at some of our favourite travel items and how they could make your life more comfortable moving between destinations.

What to Wear Travelling

Because of the uncertainty of travel you want to try and keep your outfit simple but effective and one that can accommodate all of your travel needs. Wear something that is comfortable and that can be easily layered to allow you to remove or add pieces of clothing whilst you are travelling, there is nothing worse than being too cold or too hot with 15 hours still to go on your journey.

Travel Jumper

This zip up hoodie from EA7 ticks a lot of boxes. The front zip allows you to easily remove the jacket even if you are in a tucked in the corner on your travels. This also allows you to have some depth to your look, contrast the navy blue with a light t shirt and you can wear the hoody unzipped.

As well as this it is the perfect travel accompaniment for when you want to doze off – you can’t beat putting your hood up and hiding away from the world as you sleep.

Travel T-Shirts

The key here is to keep it lightweight and comfortable. This mustard yellow t-shirt from Carharrt contrasts well with the Navy hoody above and is a plain, simple, light weight t shirt. When you travel, try to avoid anything that is a tight fit as this will make life a little uncomfortable.

Travel Jogging Bottoms

Sportswear has definitely been in for the last few seasons, so it’s not only extremely comfortable to travel in a tracksuit but also very stylish too. These are slightly tapered and come with a cuffed hem which gives your outfit some shape.

Alternatively, opt for some slim fit denim jeans to finish the look off. Try to avoid anything jeans that are extremely skinny as they don’t allow for much movement.

Travel Footwear

When it comes to footwear and travel you have a number of options and often can use more than one throughout your journey.

Travelling to and from an airport or train station would be the perfect time to wear trainersas you may be walking etc. However, once you are on board you want to get comfy… bring out the sliders.

Keeping your feet locked in to trainers for a long period of time just sitting becomes really uncomfortable and cramped, throw some sliders in your bag and be ready change once you are on board.

Travel Luggage

You have some options when it comes to your hand luggage, either a backpack or a small suitcase. Both are excellent choices, but you are going to be able to pack more in to a small suitcase so it all depends on how light you are travelling or what other luggage you have available.

Travel Summary

The key points to remember when travelling are that you want to be comfortable and have options to easily layer your clothes.

Try to pack lightly to allow your essential items to be found easily and quickly and not let the mess of your over packed bag cause any added stress or panic whilst travelling between destinations.

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