Unclaimed tickets will help people throughout Australia

What happens to unclaimed tickets prizes and where do they go? Every year lottery tickets valued at millions of dollars go unclaimed. This money may seem to be lost but in actual fact it is used for numerous charitable causes across the global as well as initiatives to fund local communities. When people buy tickets and are unsuccessful, or even lose them, most people think that their cash goes down the drain. Different countries have different regulations and goals, for example the Australia is one of the best examples when distributing unclaimed prizes.


For unknown reason a lot of lottery winners don’t actually come forward and therefore after a specific amount of time the money will be used to finance amazing projects across the country that significantly alters the lives of thousands of people.

While it may seem unjust to use unclaimed money that has a rightful owner there are many efforts to gain the attention of the winner. The national website frequently updates people on unclaimed winnings in an effort to remind people to check their numbers, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may affect people claiming prizes. If you are curious what happens when people don't claim their prizes then you will have to use your imagination as almost anything can happen. However it is wonderful to know that organizations and businesses in charge give away all unclaimed winnings to normal people.


To highlight just how incredible the national lottery can be for a country we have listed a few examples below. The national lottery raises a large amount of funding for different projects on a weekly basis, which is given out by multiple independent organisations, each with specialist understanding of what needs to be done in certain areas. Over 500,000 projects have been helped directly as a result of unclaimed winnings and so Australian people who enjoy arts, sport, heritage, charity, voluntary, health, education and environmental areas have benefited, most likely without their knowledge.


Next time you play the lotto be sure to understand that even if you don’t win then there is a good chance you will be improving the life of people within the country. A small bit can make a big difference when everyone makes a contribution, and this is seen at its best by the lottery. However, if you do manage to get the correct numbers we recommend not misplacing your ticket.


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